Living Armor
Living Armor

"The excuse that people will become more fearful if they see armed security or police in places like shopping malls, amusement parks and museums is not giving them enough credit for knowing that these measures are for their own protection. In fact, people are so aware of what proper security measures are that they tend to mock or laugh at security methods that do not go far enough, such as using unarmed, uniformed security personnel who try to look like the police and carry around radios and big flashlights, or employing young college students at public events to search purses of people entering a facility, but not checking backpacks or people wearing large coats.

When the topic of arming security personnel is discussed, the cries of liability are almost always heard, when in fact what this can be translated to is complaints about the costs of managing, training and equipping a professional, private security force. So security often remains at a status-quo stand-still: putting up cameras and hiring under-trained, under-equipped and under-paid guards - none of which will deter or stop a violent attack.

However, lawsuits for security negligence, failure to protect, and failure to provide adequate security are now filed and won all the time, with awards in the millions of dollars. The standard of due diligence is being changed because our society is changing. Businesses cannot hide behind excuses or blame law enforcement anymore. The courts are sending a message to take measures that are reasonable and prudent in today's world."

from "The Active Shooter" by Jeffrey A Hawkins
The Counter Terrorist Magazine
June/July 2009

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