Living Armor
Living Armor

The Active Shooter - Jefferey Hawkins

"The excuse that people will become more fearful if they see armed security or police in places like shopping malls, amusement parks and museums is not giving them enough credit for knowing that these measures are for their own protection. In fact, people are so aware of what proper security measures are that they tend to mock or laugh at security methods that do not go far enough, such as using unarmed, uniformed security personnel who try to look like the police and carry around radios and big flashlights, or employing young college students at public events to search purses of people entering a facility, but not checking backpacks or people wearing large coats. Read More »

The 3 M's - Lt. Col. Pete Blaber

"The 3M's are the keys to being successful in life. They stand for the mission, the men, and me." He then drew a line from the top M, through the middle M, down to the bottom M. "They're all connected," he continued. "So if you neglect one, you'll screw up the others. The first M stands for the mission; it's the purpose for which you're doing what you're doing. Whether in your personal or professional life, make sure you understand it, and that it makes legal, moral, and ethical sense, then use it to guide all your decisions. Read More »

The Guide To Post Event Survival Tactics - S. C. Greenfield

"It doesn't take much for the world to go down hill these days."

"Reactions to recent events such as natural disasters, politics (often a disaster itself!), legal decisions, protesting, etc.. have shown us that there is a thinner veneer than we prefer to imagine between civilized behaviour and that more closely related to the “crowd mentality”. Sometimes known as “diffusion of responsibility” examples of it are rampant throughout history. For those with study in psychology, perhaps one of the most well known cases was..." Read More »