Living Armor
Living Armor

Q: Where are your classes located?
A: If you would like to host one of our classes at your location, send us an email to

Q: Will I get a training certificate afterward?
A: Yes, we do award students with certificates of completion.

Q: Won't the skills you teach make criminals more dangerous?
A: All skill-sets have a potential for misuse. If anything, we make the average person much more dangerous to criminals.

Q: Why do you teach people to get out of handcuffs?! You're making things more difficult for police.
A: That section of Urban Operative is designed for the circumstance of unlawful custody because handcuffs are readily available and widely used. Law enforcement are always encouraged to attend our training, where they learn additional methods to counteract most escape techniques so they can stay safe.

Q: What payment methods will you accept?
A: We prefer cash, but happily accept checks, money orders and credit or debit cards.

Q: How do you guys know all this stuff?
A: We are lifetime students of various things, such as shooting, hand-to-hand, survival, etc.. Most of us are prior military and/or private contractors. The knowledge and skills presented in our classes are an amalgamation of years worth of training, study, and experience in several disciplines. We have created these programs to be unique, fun, and VERY valuable.

Q: What does "Living Armor" mean?
A: Our company originally operated as a VIP protection provider. We therefore were comparable to a form of "living armor" mentally and physically protecting our clients from danger. Our current services in risk management consulting, and unconventional training are designed to empower you in ways you never thought possible. In essence, you too are able to become Living Armor for yourself and loved ones.