Living Armor
Living Armor

Our training programs consist of some of the most unique and useful instruction you will ever find anywhere! These courses may in fact save your life, and they come highly recommended by our students in protection, security, military, and other walks of life who recognized the immediate value of increasing their skills. You will find these programs are perfect for you during uncertain times.  Our programs are only available by request. Email us to request a class for you or your group.

Urban OperativeURBAN OPERATIVE A rare and outstanding skill-set with an espionage element. Learn unconventional skills for the non-permissive environment and put them to the test during the final exercise. This incredible class is essential for any urban survival practitioner, overseas traveller, hostile environment operator, or well prepared citizen. 2 days, $350. Don't miss this! Download Brochure (117.41kb)

OUTDOOR SURVIVAL Learn the fundamental skills that you MUST have in order to survive without the comforts and technologies of the urban environment. Examine various gear, make fire, purify water, construct shelter, find food, etc..  Weekend and weekday classes available as scheduling permits. These classes are a LOT of fun!  $125 per day, email for scheduling.

FIREARMS classes are available to everyone from beginners up through advanced. For beginners the class is comfortable, focusing on the practices of safety, familiarity with your weapon, and basic marksmanship. Practiced shooters will increase draw speed and target acquisition, engage targets on the move, conduct immediate-action and stress-fire drills, and much more! Available for Rifle and Pistol. Private sessions also available! Scheduling upon request.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS SKILLS These are short seminars for the person who wants to learn about preparedness, without all the hype and B.S.  You'll learn to do more with less, discussing the pros and cons of different "prepping" methodologies, and focusing on knowledge more than "gear".  A great intro to Post Event Survival Tactics, and comprehensive enough to get you prepared for most basic emergency circumstances.


 For restricted programs, our Mobile Training Team, and all other training inquiries email sean @ livingarmor . com