Living Armor
Living Armor

We enjoy reading the comments we receive from our students following course completions! This is what some of them have to say:

     "This was by far the most in depth course I have taken on this subject (Urban Operative). The first day we learned the basics of escape and blending. Just some of the skills taught were lock picking, breaking out of restraints, gun disarms, and social engineering. On day two we were thrown in to a realistic real world situation where we put the skills we learned to the test. Some of the things we did included, picking locks, dead drops and meeting contacts for further info. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, civilian or military, who is involved in a profession that is high risk. I am very glad I invested in this training."     --Aman.B.    

      "I really enjoyed the course and have already been recommending it to others. I learned a lot over the weekend and would enjoy further training on phase II."     --Kameron.R. (U.S. Army)

     (Excerpt) "The Urban Operative course provided by Living Armor should be mandatory for every professional operator or individual who desires to evade danger in any real life situation. Skills obtained through this course have the highest potential for preventing capture and loss of life."     --Mark.S.  --More

     "When I initially met Sean he asked me two things, "What protection classes have you taken, and what other classes are you planning to take?" immediately challenging me to take my skills to the next level. A few weeks later I took Living Armor's Urban Anti Kidnapping class (** now part of Urban Operative) prior to a Mexico trip. What I got out of the class was a solid skill set and the confidence to deal with and solve both common and extreme kidnapping scenarios."    --Ruben.C.

     "Very good training. Great hands-on application and practice with all the various restraints. Highly recommended."   --David.D. (Overseas PMC)

     "Outstanding training. Fully prepares you for hostile environments. Highly recommended."    --Greg.O. (Overseas PMC)

     "I've been to a lot of courses, trainings and seminars, but the Urban Operative really stood out as one of the most practical, enjoyable and hands-on. We didn't just learn how to do things, we learned how things work so that we better understood all of the options. No one wants to find themselves in a compromised or threatening environment, but this course is a must for people who want the extra skills and self-confidence to be able to increase their chances of success. I enjoyed everything about the course, from escaping restraints and picking locks, to the social engineering aspect and learning about human behavior. The live exercise was invaluable for putting these skills to the test in a way that will stick with me for life. Sean is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to taking more courses in the future with him."    --Stefan (Intl. Business)

     "I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues and friends. I liked the practical exercise as a way to use what I had learned in class. Very fun and exciting."    --Jamie N.