Living Armor
Living Armor

     "Given the current state of affairs across the nation and worldwide, we see the increasing importance of preparing ourselves to protect our loved ones from harm. Whether the threat presents itself as a mugger on the street, a home invader, a bank robber, or the possibility of a terrorist attack, we should all be cognizant of self defense measures. That being said, have you also prepared yourself for the possibility that you will fail and become a captive? If you have not thought of this scenario I URGE you to take this course!

     The Urban Operative course provided by Living Armor should be mandatory for every professional operator or individual who desires to evade danger in any real life situation. Skills obtained through this course have the highest potential for preventing capture and loss of life. Practicality and real life scenarios are the cornerstone of this course. Restraint escape is only the beginning, perhaps the most valuable tool from this course is the mindset and psychology that is engrained into the students to wield your intelligence over your captors and influence your potential assets in the midst of your evasion.

      Throughout its duration I continually felt my mind blown at the realization that no matter what situation I find myself in I am now equipped to adeptly overcome any obstacle I encounter. The instructors Sean and Matt operated with patience, professionalism, and expertise throughout the duration of the course. I thank them for sharing the knowledge they have obtained over their years of operating.

     After completing this course I will certainly recommend this course to everyone I meet, and I will teach my own family the skills I obtained so they will be equally prepared.

    Your weapon can only defend you if you can retain it, and your hands can only fight for you if they are free. "


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